What to do this Easter
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What to do this Easter

We are so ready and excited to see the sunny days approaching. The season for garden parties, unwinding on summer evenings. And with lockdown coming to a blissful end, we can expect to see family and friends after a long while to celebrate being together again. This easter will be a little bit different this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the day with great food and spring-inspired activities.

30 March 2021

We have gathered some of the best ideas we can think of how to celebrate easter this year. So, you can feel all the good vibes this easter weekend.

An easter cake with white icing  sprinkles and a rabbit topper on a table next to an easter basket and daffodils

Bake a cake!

Get baking in the kitchen this year! Why not try this showstopping Easter carrot cake. This recipe is super moist with added pineapple and of course, carrots. For the added texture and crunch the pecans, coconut and sultanas create a perfect bite that leaves you ready for more. Enjoy this recipe by Woman&Home with a cup of tea or some sparkly!

Photograph of Swan Bar Table Patio Heater on a stone patio

BBQ & Enjoy the outdoors

Why not start off with a bang! And organise an easter BBQ (well that is if the weather permits). Enjoy the gentle breeze of spring and tweeting birds while you dig into a delicious meal. For when the sun begins to set you can keep your family and guests warm with our new Al Fresco range. This Swan Bar Table Patio Heater will not only work as an outdoor heater and light source but also as a table. So, you can spend time catching up over a glass of vino while admiring the stars.

Spending time outdoors is a luxury we can all enjoy and adding in a little extra comfort in the garden will heighten the experience for everyone. Check out our Al Fresco collection of outdoors heating elements for your outdoor space. So, when life returns to normal (ish) sitting out and inviting friends around for some quality time during easter, can be that extra bit special.

A raw lamb shoulder next to rosemary, garlic and other spices

Lamb Centre Piece

When you want to prepare a traditional Easter dinner, no meal is complete without some form of meat or roast. Lamb has graced our tables for years and has now become the meat we associate with Easter. Steeped in history, the lamb is a symbol in many different cultures. Developed by chef Barney Desmazery, this recipe is a classic flavour combination of mint and fresh herbed leg of lamb. But it is like no other and roasted on the hot BBQ for that unique caramelised charred flavour. A mouth-watering centrepiece. We guarantee it will satisfy the hungriest of guests.

Check out the recipe here on BBC Good Food.

Image of handmade martinis with a lemon twist

Hot Cross Bun Martini

Do you love hot cross buns? And martinis? Well, how about trying this fun hot cross bun flavoured martini! Packed with spices and warm aromas this Hot Cross Bun Easter Martini is now a favourite springtime treat in cocktail form. It’s easy to make and perfect to share with friends over the extended weekend. This recipe is crafted using homemade infused vodka which lasts for months. So, this martini can be a treat at any time.

Image of painted easter eggs hidden behind a tree

Easter egg hunt

It wouldn’t be Easter without an egg hunt. And if you are planning on staying at home this Easter, why not create your own Easter hunt? You could stick with hiding chocolate eggs, or you could add in a few extra surprises to find. A great thing about this activity is that you could do it inside or outside, so it’s a great way to get the kids in the garden if the weather is good. And if you are limited to outdoor space, it is still great to do inside too!

We hope you have enjoyed reading our small easter inspiration guide! Give something new a try or simply celebrate with those special people in your life. Even if that is a walk in the park and a warm meal. This year, the Easter weekend begins on the 2nd of April (Friday) to Monday the 5th. With this in mind, on the 29th of March gatherings of either 6 people or 2 households will be allowed to spend time outdoors, so families can visit each other more freely. Meaning spending time with family and friends can begin again for the spring and summer months. How will you spend Easter this year? We will love to hear about how you and your family spent the weekend. And don’t forget to tag @swanbranduk on social media!

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