Mum With 11 Children Shares ‘Genius’ Hack For Keeping Their Shirts Bright White

Keeping kids' white shirts looking bright and stain-free can be a challenging task for parents, especially when they're a part of the school uniform.

But fear not, because Joanne O'Rourke, a mother of 11, has come to the rescue with her brilliant ‘washing hack’ that will leave those whites sparkling clean without the hassle.

According to the Mirror, Joanne used to soak the 32 white shirts in a bucket to maintain their brightness, but when her friend shared a different cleaning method, she was all ears.

Trying it out, she quickly realised it was a game-changer - less hassle and simply brilliant.

Here's how it goes: Joanne starts by loading all the whites into the washing machine drum, then adds washing pods and a few scent boosters for that extra fresh smell.

The secret ingredient is Vanish Oxi Action, which she puts into the washing machine drawer alongside some fabric conditioner.

To get the magic working, she sets the temperature to 40 degrees and chooses a 60-minute wash cycle.

Joanne used to soak the 32 white shirts in a bucket to maintain their brightness

But here's where the trick lies - for the first 15 minutes, she lets the machine run to create a rich foam, almost like a mini-soak for the whites.

Then, she hits the pause button and leaves the machine paused overnight.

This allows the whites to soak in the Vanish and other added elements, giving them an intensive cleaning session.

When Sunday morning arrives, Joanne simply presses un-pause, and the wash continues as usual.

The result? Super white and brilliantly smelling whites that are ready to be put away in her kids' cupboards for the week ahead.

Joanne describes it as a quick and efficient way to keep those whites sparkling and smelling amazing, and she claims it's no bother to do.

Parents in the comments section were eager to try out this ingenious method, with many praising Joanne for sharing the hack.

One wrote: "Oh amazing! I'll defo try this! Thank you!"

Another suggested a cheaper alternative to Vanish, writing: "I use Tesco own 'vanish' and I swear by it.

“Absolutely brilliant and works amazing, plus only £2.90."

One commenter expressed excitement about giving it a shot, while another suggested a more budget-friendly alternative to Vanish, recommending Tesco's own version which is equally effective and costs only £2.90.

So, there you have it - a mum's washing hack that's sure to impress and keep those whites pristine, no matter what stains they encounter during the school week.

With Joanne's ‘genius’ technique, laundry day just got a whole lot easier for parents, and those white shirts will remain a shining beacon of cleanliness and freshness.


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