Top Tips to Stay Warm this Winter and Save £s on Bills
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Top Tips to Stay Warm this Winter and Save £s on Bills

Reading time: 10 minutes. The colder months are quickly approaching which means one thing for sure – it’s time to start preparing your home for the chilly weather ahead. So if you’re looking for ways to heat your home more effectively (and affordably) this season, then you’ve come to the right place!

8 September 2022

With energy prices skyrocketing and winter on its way, it's important to know different methods you can use to heat your home more efficiently this winter. Winter can be a scary time for anyone, especially with the cost of living at the moment, so here are our top tips to stay warm this winter.

Heat one room of the house

Don't heat the whole house when you're spending all day in one room; save on bills by keeping your heating to limited use. We suggest using one of our Oil Filled Radiators to heat one room of the house or to preheat your bedroom before you go to sleep. A hot water bottle by your side or slipped into your bed can also make a difference.

Warm your insides

Eating enough throughout the day is a great way to ensure you have enough energy to keep yourself warm (see NHS). At least one hot meal per day and eating regularly will help to keep you warm. A slow cooker is a great way of having a warm meal at a low price (an average of 12p per hour), especially for those at work all day. Check out our selection of slow cookers here and be sure to warm your insides with one of these slow cooker recipes.

If slow cookers aren't your vibe, an air fryer is a brilliant option for a quick, healthier alternative to frying and can help keep costs down compared to your oven. Here are some tasty air fryer recipes to get started!

Regular hot drinks are an essential too. Check out our kettles with rapid boil technology to keep costs down, and make sure you're regularly descaling your kettle for a quicker boil!

Take trips out of your house

When you're not at work, try and spend time in warm shops and cafés. You can meet up with a friend to just browse the shops or sit in a café with a small drink.

Layer your clothes

To maximise the efficiency of your warm clothes, try layering throughout the day; start off with top and bottoms of your choice and add a layer each time you feel the chill to lock in that heat. Many outdoor clothing retailers suggest a 3-layered system which can easily be adopted with clothes you already have.

Layer one: the baselayer

The first layer, which sits directly against your skin, should be close-fitting to lock in heat and wick sweat away. Tip: avoid cotton where possible as it traps moisture, cooling you down over time.

Layer two: the midlayer

Similarly, this should lock in warmth but wearing a second layer will help trap warmth that the baselayer hasn't kept in. Outdoor experts recommend a lightweight fleece, but you could opt for a second T-shirt, and wear a fleece or jumper as a third layer.

Layer three: the outerlayer

For outdoor activities, a waterproof layer is a great option to protect against the elements. At home (or any indoors), if you're not warm enough first two layers, you can add an extra jumper or jacket over the top.

Bonus: keep your feet warm with rugs, socks, and slippers.

Get moving if you can

Gentle exercise can help with staying warm. Try and incorporate some movement around once an hour, but keep it slow and steady as strenuous exercise will make your body sweat to try and cool you down.

It's important to reach out to those around you, for their health and yours! Keeping your mental health in tip-top condition is essential anyway but especially during these darker, colder months. Schedule in a catch up with a close one once a week, even share the energy between you by alternating meet ups at each other's houses.

Bonus: Top tips to save ££s on bills

  • World Health Organisation says that 18 degrees is enough for healthy adults, with slightly higher temperatures needed for the very old or young. So consider turning down your thermostat and popping on a jumper at home and working out what temperature your household is comfortable at
  • Look for draughts in your home and draft-proof them with draught excluders
  • Cut your shower time to save on water bills - set yourself a challenge of showering to one song
  • Fewer loads of washing with more clothes in on cooler settings to save a few more pennies
  • Remember to use 'eco' mode where possible on appliances that have the option to alter speed, temperature and power level
  • Use a microwave over an oven where applicable

How much energy are your appliances using?


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