It’s time to get staycation ready
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It’s time to get staycation ready

We’re not sure where to start on this subject; it’s been such a long time coming! But now is the time to get staycation ready! We’re so ready for a little sunshine, a little rest and a little fun. We deserve a break after the last twelve months, and we’ve certainly earned it, to say the least.

10 April 2021

We can already feel the excitement in the air. We’re dreaming of that lovely, light feeling you get when you arrive at your holiday home for the week; you throw your bags on the sofa and have a good look around.

Who gets the biggest room? What shall we do first? Where’s the nearest pub? Wow, look at the view!

Staycation ideas

Whether you like a cosy cottage, a campsite or a fancy hotel; here’s a few ideas to get your staycation ready and your staycation on its way.

Photograph of a lighthouse and rock pools next to the ocean

Seaside staycation

If you’ve had too much greenery and you’re missing the seaside, a beach holiday is a break for you. The seaside is beautiful whatever the weather, and it’s pure fresh air like no other. With the bright summer season on its way, the sea and sky should be glowing with a calming blue colour.

The colour blue represents serenity, wisdom and health. The exact three things we hope you feel when it comes to your summer break. If last year has shown us anything, it’s to really appreciate your surroundings and the people you hold close. What better way to relax than by escaping to a little seaside town.

Chippy tea on the beach? Yes, please!

Photograph from a conservatory with a window to the patio where a small childs tent is set up

The lovely thing about UK staycations is that there’s no airport stress involved; it can simply be a calm and casual road trip. Take as many food and toilet stops as you need because it’s chill vibes and there’s no pressure or schedules on a road trip!

One thing we’ve definitely learned to appreciate this year has to be our outdoor spaces.

Photograph of a young couple dancing and making music in front of their white sheet tent in the woods

Camping trips

We’ve had no choice but to embrace the beautiful outdoors for walks, runs and sitting out in the garden for some peace-filled fresh air. This enjoyment doesn’t have to be confined by your local spaces. You can drive to a campsite and set yourself up for a week of the friendly outdoors!

Let loose in the wilderness and enjoy a well-deserved break.

One thing’s for sure because of the pandemic, we’re all very much used to seeing our own homes. Waking up in our bedrooms, eating meals and working in the dining room and making a you-shaped groove in the sofa (now that Netflix runs all of our living rooms); we’ve all been a part of this in-house routine at some point. This is the most desperate we’ve all been to get away to see some fresh surroundings. We truly deserve a beautiful break away from our routine Covid-19 lifestyles!

Photograph of a rustic brick cottage with a front garden full of trees and flowers

Cosy countryside cottage

A lovely refreshing setting can mean so many things with there being so many staycation options in the UK now. We love a cosy cottage filled with olde-worlde furniture and a charismatic aesthetic. This idea exudes activities like walking into the local village for a lovely pub lunch.

Imagine yourself sat outside in an Old Town pub beer garden with the sun shining and a beautiful tidy cottage to return to afterwards. We are here for this!

Photograph of a window bar stall looking out onto the city with beautiful lights

City break

We also love the idea of a cool apartment in a city centre with lots going on whatever time of day or night. A city is always going to be full of activities morning, noon and night.

Your possibilities really are endless in a city! A city break is for the busy life-lovers who’re filled with energy and spontaneity. There’s beautiful architecture and shopping in the day while the night lights shine from the endless amounts of restaurants, bars, food vans, night clubs and vibrant public energy.

If you’re all about those grammable scenes, a city is the place for you. Your story will be full of city lights, unreal food options and urban street vibes. The idea of the food alone is making us want to book up a city break as we speak!

Swan Travel Grey Kettle next to a small glass cup and two travel mugs full of tea

Get staycation ready with Swan essentials

We understand a lot of British staycations can be weather dependent, so this is why we’ve got a few things to help you on your way, whether there’s sunshine or showers!

Have a brew ready in minutes wherever you’re staying with our Swan Travel Kettle. Whatever kind of destination, everybody always wants a brew at some point. Be the groups’ saviour with tea on tap!

Swan Travel Iron with purple accents

We also know packing can be a nightmare and a problem none of us needs on our holidays is creased clothes. However, there’s no need to fret with our Swan Travel Iron. It’s nice and small to fit into your suitcase with ease.

We’re here to make your life easier where possible. The last thing on your mind should be creases. Holiday breaks and staycations should be when we feel our best.

It’s good vibes only as far as we’re concerned!

Photograph of two young children holding hands and playing at the beach

We wish you a brilliant break away this year whenever you’re ready. Take a positive book and get stuck into a little dream world. We hope the sun shines for you and your loved ones.

Get staycation ready and enjoy every minute!

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