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Swan Father’s Day gift guide

There are so many things for us to celebrate when June arrives. The hot weather and long evenings, picnics and barbeques, beer gardens and patio parties… And, of course Father’s Day! It’s a great time to acknowledge all that our dads do for us. But it can be a challenge, too, when it comes to getting the right gift.

31 May 2021

Sometimes it can feel like he has everything he can possibly need already! Well, if you’re struggling for ideas, our Father’s Day gift guide will give you plenty of options to choose from.

Treat your dad this Father’s Day!

Swan Retro One Touch Espresso Machine

There’s nothing like the deep, rich smell of fresh coffee first thing in the morning.

If your dad is a caffeine fiend – or if he just knows his latte from his flat white – our Retro One Touch Espresso Machine could be just the Father’s Day gift you’re looking for. It’s not only a sleek and stylish addition to the kitchen countertop, but also a simple and straightforward way to make barista-quality coffee at home.

And at the very least, you’ll know when you pop round, you’re going to get something delicious to drink!

The Retro One Touch Espresso Machine features a generous 1.7L capacity and a 90 second heat-up time, so he’ll be able to rustle up a round of drinks for the whole family in record time. And the accompanying milk frother means that, from cappuccinos to macchiatos, everyone is catered for.

Black Swan Retro One Touch Espresso Machine in a fitted modern kitchen making coffee and frothing milk
Swan Automatic Milk Frother next to two lattes, biscotti, a small jug of milk and a pile of espresso beans on a wooden countertop

Swan Automatic Milk Frother

Of course, if he is a true coffee addict, he may have already have a coffee machine ready to go. If so, our Swan Automatic Milk Frother would make for the perfect addition to his morning caffeine fix. It’ll give him a whole host of new options when it comes to his making his favourite brew.

Our Automatic Milk Frother features a powerful motor that will get milk piping hot and ready to pour in only 80 seconds, so there’ll be no need for waiting around. And after all, speed is vital when it comes to getting your coffee hit first thing! Just be sure to tell him that it’s made from non-stick material, so it’s perfectly easy to clean.

Man dipping bread soldiers into a runny boiled egg with the Swan Egg Boiler and Poacher in the background

Swan Egg Boiler and Poacher

Mornings aren’t just for coffee, of course – and maybe he’s a tea-drinker anyway! When it comes to starting your day off right, breakfast is just as important as a good cuppa. It truly is the most important meal of the day.

If you want to help him make a hearty breakfast with minimum fuss, our Father’s Day gift guide has you covered!

Eggs are the perfect breakfast food, but they’re not always easy to get just right. The Swan Egg Boiler and Poacher takes all the guesswork out of making perfect poached or boiled eggs. If your dad’s a little lacking in confidence in the kitchen, it’s a great way to make his life easier.

He’ll be able to boil up to 7 eggs at once with a choice of 3 settings → soft, medium and hard. He can just get it going, sit back, and wait for the buzzer to sound. Perfect eggs, with no fuss, every time.

Photograph of a man cooking pork and spring onions on the Swan Stealth Smart Grill next to a plate of vegetarian bean burgers

Swan Stealth Smart Grill

It wouldn’t be much of a Father’s Day gift guide if we didn’t have a few summer-focused options. By the end of June, the season of long nights and hot days is well and truly upon us. And summer, of course, means one thing: barbeques!

Unfortunately, it can also mean a few too many calories, and plenty of cleaning up afterwards.

If you’re dad loves to grill but doesn’t like all the hassle of a barbeque – or if he just wants to quicker and simpler way to cook all year round – the Swan Stealth Smart Grill will be the perfect gift for him. By letting the fat and oil run away into a handy drip-tray, the Smart Grill is not only easy to clean but also makes for a healthier way to cook all kinds of meat. He can choose from a range of pre-set cooking options and sensors that will automatically detect the thickness of the food on the grill, meaning there’s no need to worry about the right cooking time. He simply needs to let the Stealth Smart Grill work its magic.

Photograph of the Grey Swan Retro 5 Piece Pan Set stacked on wooden oak shelving, next to the grey Swan Retro Cannisters and Grey Swan Retro Salt and Pepper Mills

Swan Retro 5 Piece Pan Set

Of course, your dad may well be a wizard in the kitchen! If he’s the kind of person who’s always cooking up delicious feasts for the whole family, then a quality pan set is essential. And a touch of style doesn’t hurt!

Why not help him freshen up his kitchenware with our Retro 5 Piece Pan Set? The set offers a range of options when it comes to cooking up a big spread – a very important thing now that he’ll finally be able to have friends and family over again! And its eye-catching design will be a great way to impress those who might not have been round to visit in quite a few months. The set is available in a range of colours, too, so there will be an option to match his taste.

Photograph of the black Swan Stealth Personal Blender in a black fitted kitchen full with various fruits and spinach next to a plate of chocolate, a smoothie and a bowl of cereal.

Swan Stealth Blender

For the health-conscious dads out there, our Stealth Blender could be just what he needs. It’s a simple way to prepare shakes and smoothies, with its pro-extractor blades designed to extract the maximum possible nutrients from whatever you’re blending. It even has a frozen blending feature for extra convenience – just take things from the freezer and throw them straight in!

The blender comes with 0.8L and 1L cups that are easily detachable with a choice of lids. So, whether he’s heading out for a hike or off to the gym, he can just blend up and get on his way.

Whiskey flight on rustic wooden surface

Father’s Day Whisky Tasting Set

Of course, we don’t want our Father’s Day gift guide to focus too much on health and fitness. Father’s Day is a time for indulgence and celebration, after all! Well, if your dad enjoys a tipple, there are plenty of great gift options on offer. A tasting set is a particularly good choice, giving him a range of different drinks to taste as well as informative tasting notes.

Master of Malt offer a specially-designed Father’s Day Whisky Tasting Set that’s well worth a look. It offers a range of whiskeys from a number of acclaimed producers, with a delicious variety of taste profiles to explore. No doubt he’ll consider himself an expert in no time!

Photograph of father using the Swan Portable Garment Steamer to steam a pair of blue jeans

Swan Portable Garment Steamer

Perhaps you have plans to go out and celebrate Father’s Day with a lovely family meal, or maybe your dad is just anticipating finally being able to get out and socialise again. Either way, he’ll want to be looking sharp! Why not help him keep his best clothes looking fresh with a Swan Portable Garment Steamer? With just a touch of a button, the most stubborn creases will disappear. And its compact, lightweight design make it great for taking in a suitcase. So, if he’s got a holiday planned for the summer months, it might be just the thing he’s looking for!

Swan Cordless Iron

Everyone knows the stereotype about dads and housework – but it’s not always true! Well, whether your dad is inclined to do his fair share or he’s often nowhere to be found when it comes to the household chores, the Swan Cordless Iron is a great way to help him keep up the good work – or give him the nudge he needs to get started! It’s simple to use, efficient, and highly effective – the three things you really need when it’s time to do the ironing.

Image of a young man grooming his beard with a beard trimmer

Beard Buddy grooming apron

When it comes to keeping himself looking fresh and well-groomed, every dad will know that facial hair is something you cannot overlook. Whether he’s considering cultivating a post-retirement beard or is a long-term moustache-wearer, he’ll want to keep on top of his trimming. The Beard Buddy from Oliver Bonas will help him to keep his facial hair in top shape without having to make such a mess of the bathroom sink. It’s one of the perfect gifts that helps everyone at the same time!

We’ve all had a trying time over the last year (and counting…), and for many us, the support of our families has been vital. At the same time, many of us have been able to see them far less than we might like. As we begin to approach the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s a great time for us to celebrate all that our fathers mean to us. And there’s no better way to say thank you for all they do than a thoughtful gift. We hope that our guide has given you all the inspiration you need!

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