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Easter Activities

Easter is a bright and sunny occasion that we celebrate fondly. We want to help you celebrate your day with loved ones safely and with plenty of fun! Whether you’re enjoying the Easter weekend with your relatives, your partner, your pets or your children, we’ve got you covered with these fun Easter activities. It might be a little different from your usual Easter traditions, but we’re here to help you make it as joyful as can be. Any of the Easter activities we suggest throughout this blog can be enjoyed with the people you live with or in a safe group of six in an outdoor area!

29 March 2021

We’ve put together a few cheeky Easter activity ideas for you to enjoy over your Easter weekend. We’re hoping for a sunny day to really put us all in the Easter spirit, but either way, let’s make it bright!

Easter Activity Ideas

Photograph of a black bunny on a table next to orange decorated easter eggs and cake
Photograph of a bag of eggs next to some wooden spoons

Egg and Spoon Race

We’d be on another planet if we didn’t advise you all to take part in an egg and spoon race! It’s so cheap and simple to do, and let’s admit it, there’s someone in your household who’s dying to get competitive with this one. Nip to your corner shop, grab some eggs and some chocolate to use for prizes. Try and complete the races on a soft material floor like carpet or grass. That way, you can re-use the eggs later on for baking lovely cakes.

Two young girls on an easter egg hunt in their garden

Easter Egg Hunt

This is the highlight of the day and don’t we all know it! We really want you to challenge yourself this year, get hiding these eggs! You can make it a little more exciting by setting timers and seeing who finds the most eggs. Either way, this classic of an Easter activity is what we’ve all been waiting for.

Image of Afternoon Paws Easter Egg Hunt Kit For Dogs

Easter Egg Hunt – Puppy Style!

We’re aware a lot of you have recently become dog parents over the past year. Don’t worry, we’re just as obsessed with them as you are. That’s why we couldn’t help but include this idea for your four-legged friends. Check out this Easter Egg Hunt Kit For Dogs from Afternoon Paws via Not on the High Street. Our pups have got us through the past twelve months, and they deserve the best from us in return.

Photograph of small child painting on a egg

Arts and Crafts

The ideas for Easter arts and crafts are endless. Start by boiling your eggs, or leave them un-boiled if you’re feeling confident and fancy a challenge (you got this). Then you can decorate with pens, glitter and feathers! Our personal favourite tool to decorate eggs with has to be food dye you can make your eggs any colour you want! Tie-dye eggs? Yellow eggs with feathers on? Whatever you please!

Photograph of Easter Family Favourites Collection hamper by Hotel Chocolate

Leave a Hamper on a Loved One’s Doorstep

We know there are complications this year, and we can’t all be together with all of our loved ones. So, here’s an idea that allows you to show your appreciation from a distance. We loved this thoughtful Easter Family Favourites Collection Hamper created by Hotel Chocolat. Imagine that person’s face when they open the door to a surprise hamper. That idea in itself is filling us with warmth!

Photograph of a family of 4 walking on a trail next to a river

Easter Walk

One thing that helps to take up time and tires our little ones out is some fresh air and exercise. A lovely walk will refresh the whole household and burn off some of that moorish chocolate we’ll all be indulging in. We all need a little help doing that after Easter time goodies. If you want to make the walk a little more exciting and playful, you can challenge each other to spot out yellow things that you see along your walk. Whoever spots the most yellow things on the walk wins!

Photograph of grandmother and granddaughter baking a carrot cake for Easter

If We Knew Easter Was Coming, We’d Have Baked a Cake!

This is a perfect idea for when the weather isn’t so lovely outside during your Easter weekend. We love some quality time within the house and everybody can get involved, even if one person bakes and everyone else eats!

Image of magnetic bunnies on a wall with their tails stuck on

Pin the Tail on the Bunny!

Last but not least, we recommend you try pinning the tail on the bunny rabbit. This is fun for all of the family and can be prepared with just a few sheets of paper stuck together and a drawing of a bunny. Take it in turns being blindfolded and pin the tail on the bunny. The winner gets some chocolate, of course.

We understand you’ve not had the easiest year since last Easter, and we all definitely need something to look forward to. We hope this list of fun Easter activities gives you the lovely memories that you deserve this Easter!

May it be filled with laughter, colour and lots of chocolate.

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