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Picnic Ready

Spring is here, and we’re loving every minute of it. The only thing that could possibly improve it is the plan for a perfect picnic. We’re imagining a light breeze on our faces and sunshine warming our skin as we sit amongst loved ones.

8 June 2022

This summer is all about making up for lost time with weekend festivals to holidays abroad being well and truly back, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a budget-friendly summer experience a few yards from your front door. We need to get our floaty outfits and light colours on to sit somewhere peaceful and relax

With summer finally right around the corner – despite the weather! – it’s time to start thinking about picnics. When the sun is out and the weather is warm it’s the perfect time to get your floaty outfits and light colours on and find the perfect spot to sit back and relax.

With the sunny weather drawing in this time of year here in the UK, it’s time to get the picnic blankets washed, the hampers pulled out from their hibernation spots, and get shopping for all the delicious picky bites to eat. There are endless possibilities with a picnic and it can be themed however you want. Think picnic party, Bridgerton style, a Mediterranean theme, or even hop on the trend of everyone bringing a different food board (thanks TikTok). It can be as simple as a cosy blanket and a flask, or it can be scones, cheese boards, and luxurious spreads galore. We love the posh picnic aesthetic – oh so grammable!

Create your perfect afternoon shindig with these tips below and eat, drink, chat, dance, and laugh your hearts out!

Picnic-ready essentials

Not prepared? Not to worry! We’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves to help you get ready for a lovely afternoon in a pure picnic paradise.

We’re here to prepare you and make sure you’re well equipped for a day out in the sunshine. Starting with a pretty picnic basket of course…

Check out this super cute Picnic Basket with Drinks Carrier we’re in love with this look, never mind the actual purpose for it. Think of how many lovely sweet summer outfits this would go with! We’re 100% here for it.

Whether you’re off to the beach, the garden or your local green space; this is an essential when it comes to your picnic set up.

A comfy spot for sitting

The next must-have item for a cute and cosy picnic has got to be a blanket. This is the material we’re going to rest on and make memories on. Obviously, nobody has a good day with a numb bottom!

We want a comfortable and worry-free atmosphere.

So that’s why we’d definitely recommend a thick cotton blanket for you and your loved ones to park yourselves down on. After all, this is your outside sofa for the day and ultimately a very big decision depending on where you’ll find yourself for your picnic!

Another option would be this two-in-one basket and blanket set from John Lewis: Basket & Blanket Set

The key ingredients: food and drink!

Another essential picnic item has got to be the food. As we all know, this is an essential item wherever or whatever you’re up to. Food comes first.

Having a picnic in the morning? We’d go for light fruits and pastries. We’ve all stood in a supermarket eyeing up the Pain au chocolat, wishing it was an appropriate time to sit and eat one. Well, now’s your chance!

A picnic at any other time of day has got to include a spread of the classics. Cheese boards, of course, but only the luxurious-looking ones. And don’t forget the wine – but only the fancy kind. Think of it as a parade of your fancy alter-ego; give the people what they want!

So why not have yourself a bottomless brunch kind of picnic and enjoy every minute?

Photograph of a seven set of small white coloured floral teacups

Of course, our tastes all differ. Not so much for the champagne and wine?

There’s no harm in a comforting cup of tea to keep your lap and fingertips warm. And what better way to make a brew look fancy and sophisticated than bringing along a vintage tea set!?

Get that pinky finger untucked from that cup handle with this beautiful Royal Albert Rose Confetti Vintage Teacup and Saucer Set from Wedgewood. Bright and beautiful is the way forward with picnic layouts!

Photograph of a homemade rosemary mini baguette on a wicker plate decorated with pink cloth

All the extras

The rest of the picnic features are up to you. We’ve given you the basic ground rules, now it’s time for you to get carried away with napkins, glasses, nibbles and much more!

Take your best cutlery. Take your best plates. Take your best mood and most importantly, take your fully charged phone for those Insta-stories you love so much. We’re all guilty of spending too much time on those endless filters – don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Ultimately, all of the memories you make at a picnic start with the contents you take with you to prepare it. Your picnic preparation is your grounds for a good time, so make the absolute most of it and prepare for a lovely and relaxing occasion.

Stay safe and stay fancy!

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