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Our Guide to Nordic Design

There is a certain poetry to Nordic design, its emphasis on swathes of natural light, crisp clean white walls like blank unbroken paper...

30 May 2018

For the Scandinavian, a room should emphasise organic shapes and provide character through singular statement pieces. Here’s our guide to capturing the Nordic style in your home.

Reasons Nordic Is Perfect For Your Home:

White chair next to a white stand table with white potted plant and white mug resting on top

Simply White

Scandinavia is often blanketed in the crisp clean white of snow and its interiors intentionally reflect this effect, seeking to capture a sense of lasting light for the long dark winter months.

By keeping to minimalist colours and soft tones, the Nordic interior is both modern and minimalist; stylish in its simplicity and enhanced by a sense of space and light that bright white walls create.

Furniture is also neutral in colour, a device that turns a room almost into a blank canvas, where signature items such as collector’s art or stand-alone furniture can really shine.

Triangle wooden shelf on a white wall holding two brown glass bottles and two blue and white patterned bowls

Clean and to the Point

Sticking to keeping things simple, Scandi design doesn’t require a great deal of flourishes or intricate detailing. Keeping your walls bare and furniture clean-lined will achieve a minimalist style more in keeping with Nordic thinking.

Instead of cluttering up your wall with large, superstore bought artwork, why not keep it to a single feature piece, a simple work of art that captures the attention without overwhelming the senses?

Woman in an orange jumper in a white room with three different scandanavian beige hats on a pin in the white wall behind her

Functional is Fabulous

Conscientious purchasing and purposeful design is a must for the Scandinavian home. By slowing down and really considering “Do I need this?” and “Will it be both functional and stylish?” will help you create a home full of purpose and simplicity.

Storage as statement piece is a soaring trend, whereby a simple piece of practical furniture like a hanging rail can become a design focal point in a room. Instead of investing in clutter to decorate a room, consider how you can take a functioning aspect of the home and make it beautiful.

Woman in a grey crop sweatshirt and blue jeans eating popcorn from a small wooden bowl whilst sat on a white fur rug next to a potted green plant

Curl up in Comfort

Integral to the Scandinavian philosophy and lifestyle is a large, soft, woollen blanket and thick comfy socks. Keeping things calm and cosy is a vital aspect of Nordic design. Sheepskin rugs and large pillows by the fire, as well as warm rustic wooden furniture, create the atmosphere of a luxury cabin in your own front room.

The bedroom should be a tech-free sanctuary, emphasising comfort and relaxation for the best night’s sleep. Keep a large, soft grey or charcoal black blanket on a bed with simple white bedding, a warming lamp on a worn wooden bedside table and breathe a deep sigh of relaxation.

Close-up of Scandinavian style hanging lightbulbs

Light it up with a Feature Light

A paper lantern, an exposed industrial style bulb, golden brass hanging lamps sharp against the white walls. Lights offer a miasma of possibilities in Scandi culture and provide ample opportunity for expression.

Whether you require a standing lamp for dramatic effect or a soft bedside lamp for relaxing before sleep, the Scandinavian design can provide an eloquent solution with soft edges, neutral tones and modern functionality.

Scandanavian wooden style living room with white wooden table, floral decorations and a handmade wooden lighting fixture

Whimsical with Wood

Natural wooden features can relax a room, create a sense of the natural world taking up residence in your home. Whether it’s on your walls, on the floor or used as the material for cupboards, wood is a special substance in Nordic interiors. Usually, a light wood such as beech, ash or pine, this feature keeps the home feeling light and natural.

Photograph of a small green plotted plant resting on a grey marble countertop in a white kitchen

Keeping it Green

Practically every Scandinavian home will bring a little bit of nature within its four walls. Plants such as philodendron, orchids, golden pothos and rubber plants provide a sense of wellbeing as well as increased humidity and purified air- which comes in handy during the cold northern winter.

Choosing plants that are low maintenance and full of that happy green glow will light up your home and provide a pocket of Scandinavian peace.

Have you been inspired by our Scandinavian cousins to create a simpler style in your home?

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