Dazlin's Top Cleaning Tips For Spring

Welcome to our final Spring Edit, part 4! With years of professional cleaning knowledge and experience, Lindsay, aka @dazlincleaning, is here with her must-have Swan products to give your home the deep clean it deserves.

What Is Your All-Time Favourite Cleaning Tip, Trick or Hack?

Tricky one! I would say up there with one of my favourites would be using the delay timer feature on my washing machine. With me being more aware of saving energy and switching to Eco cycles, they seem to take forever! Eco cycles take around 3 hours but save so much energy. Using the delay feature means my Eco wash is finishing as I’m having my breakfast and I can get it out on the washing line or on the heated airer (if it’s raining), first thing!

If You Could Only Use One Cleaning Product for the Rest of Your Life, What Would it Be?

Washing up liquid. The most versatile cleaner around. You can use it as a degreaser, fabulous on windows, great on floors and can even be used to treat stains on clothes when used neat.

What Is Your Least Favourite Room/Place in Your House to Clean?

My son's bedroom. It’s full of stuff. Stuff I dare not move. I’ve found the most random of items stashed away including gravel and sticks from dog walks. (I’ve just been informed they are swords).

Cordless or Corded Vacuum?

Don’t make me choose! That’s unfair. I love the convenience of a cordless that can be whipped out at any time but you can’t beat the performance of a corded vacuum.

What Is Your Favourite Cleaning Scent?

I love fruity and citrus scents. I am not a fan of floral ones.

What Do You Listen to While Cleaning? Music, Podcast etc.

Peace and quiet. I don’t know if it’s just me or my age, but I really struggle with background music these days.

Cordless Iron or Garment Steamer?

Garment steamer for me! Mine needs its own passport. It’s been all over the place! God send for holidays and work trips away.

What is Your Favourite Swan Product in Your Cleaning Kit?

Has to be the Crossover 3 in 1. I think you know that by now! She can get a bit bossy at times but I wouldn’t have her any other way. She’s an amazing time saver without compromising on cleaning ability. I would be lost without her. A must have for busy homes especially with kids and pets.

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