Autumn Starts Here: Girls Night Edition
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Autumn Starts Here: Girls Night Edition

Autumn starts here! As we feel the temperature drop and see the woolly jumpers emerge from the back of the wardrobe, we can safely say that the autumn season is upon us. It's time to celebrate this cosy season with a guide to our perfect girls night. Swan are here to assist you through an evening of comfort, relaxation and loveliness...

21 September 2021

This autumn is our first 'back to normal' autumn since the era of the lockdowns. Girls, we've got some seriously seasonal making up to do. Let the reminiscing and catching up commence!

A pumpkin spice creme latte displayed on a wooden table alongside two small pumpkins.

Our autumn mood board

The mood board we imagine when we think of autumn consists of blankets, fluffy jumpers, hot chocolates, cosy nights in and walking through bronze-coloured crunchy leaves with loved ones. Autumn is the season where we give up on trying to sort our British summer tan lines out, throw on our warm clothing and begin to find far too much comfort in a hot cup of joe. Did somebody say Pumpkin Spice Crème Latte?!

We know for sure when the autumn season is upon us in the Swan office, as the brew runs start taking multiple staff members to face the challenge. Everybody benefits from a cosy brew to see us through. We have so many things to look forward to this autumn, but a girls night has to be at the top of the list! (Insert meme here about the real walk of shame.)

A silver Swan espresso machine on top of a wooden table.

Keep cosy with hot drinks

A cheap, cheerful and popular addition to your girls night has to be hot drinks. Coffee, hot chocolate and a classic cup of tea (all shapes and sizes) cover all the bases when it comes to a mug of cosiness for you and your girls to hug with your hands. We all know the best catch-ups happen with a cup of love in our hands!

Be prepared with your quick-to-use Swan Espresso Machine once the girls send the 'leaving now!' message in the group chat. Need some recipes? Feast your eyes on these deliciously autumnal hot drinks recipes! And if you're feeling cheeky? Get you and your clan a Costa delivery! We can't resist the Hazelnut Almond Latte.

White table cloth surface with a lit candle, acorns and a gingerbread house dessert.

Stay warm with candles

Candles are the loveliest and easiest way to prepare a little restful nest for your cronies; think picturesque atmosphere and ambience. Candles are ideal for keeping the heat in on those cool Autumn nights. Also, don't underestimate how much a candle in a pumpkin can spice up your life and get you in a feel-good mood for October!

The undeniable pleasure of lighting candles for girls night is the inevitable discussion of the scents. There's the Fireside Ellipse for a cosy, nostalgic bonfire night scent, there's Mulled Apple Cider to help you dream of those fresh autumn walks to the pub, and nothing can go wrong with the classic Autumn Pearl! There are millions of beautiful candle fragrances available to us nowadays, but getting that perfect autumn season candle ready for your girls night is crucial!

Two women sat on an orange sofa, applying a white face mask, one wearing a t-shirt and one wearing a hoodie.

Relax with a calming face mask

The build-up and general preparation towards Christmas time can be stressful for many of us. We feel that the autumn months represent the calm before the storm of the busy and sometimes chaotic winter months. Enjoy the calm vibes together on your girls night with relaxing and soothing face masks. Why not try out this Pumpkin & Honey Face Mask recipe from Feedfeed?

There's something sincerely calming about pampering yourself resulting in a soft, fresh face. Prepare to wake up after your girls night feeling refreshed, hugged and glowing. It's humorous to think of how differently you'd wake up after a summertime girls night.

A woman is sat in knitted oversized clothing on a light pink sofa, in a white decor living room, with a book in one hand and a hot chocolate with marshmallows in the other. A small white french bulldog sat next to her.

Fluffy clothing only

Now we're (happily) retiring our bikinis for the year (just in time for GBBO to start!), it's time to bring out the clothing that makes you feel hugged. Comfy clothing is vital to thoroughly relax and be able to sink into your girls night vibes. No one should be sat there cold or in tight denim jeans. If anyone is sat there in anything that looks like something other than pyjamas, we'll be thoroughly disappointed.

Make sure you and your girls are in fluffy, hug-worthy clothing items only. Your night can be an Instagram-free zone! Although, maybe get a little snap of the beautiful set-up first. We live for house decor and event layout pics! This night is a night for you all to catch up, wind down and relax. Let there be no work, no messages, no stresses, just you and your besties in the most comfortable clothes imaginable!

Two women in a white decorated bed with the covers over them, laughing with each other.

Wind down with a girls night film

Films distract us from the wonderful world that is work, responsibilities and tidying the house. This night of fun and relaxation might be just what the doctor ordered for you all this evening. A blanket (on its own) acts as a heavenly and delightful comfort zone, so whatever stress life might be bringing you, wrap yourselves in a big snug blanket and get a film on. We girls have got to stick together.

Push the sofas together if you need to, make yourselves a safe space for all of you to cuddle in. Make a girls den and reminisce about being back in your school years!

Two women dancing and laughing in a dark room.

Films are what we all laugh, howl and cry at (no shame). Whatever genre of film you all decide on, make sure it's a film that brings you together, whether you're screaming/hiding at a horror, giggling together at a romance, or even dancing together at Grease or Dirty Dancing!

One series of films that makes us think of the colder seasons has to be Harry Potter. These films don't immediately make us think of a girls night, but if you are in the mood to go full-on pumpkins and autumn vibes, the location spots featured in the films might result in you and the girls booking a city staycation to Oxford or Gloucester!

Last but not least: food

Some of your girls might like snacks; it's always safe to have popcorn, crisps and sweets nearby for the cheeky snack-oholics! (We're terrible for it in the Swan office, just so you know). However, some of your girls might like a hot plate of food to feel as homely and content as they can.

Whether there's a few of you or many of you, one of our Swan Slow Cookers will provide for plenty! We also have lots of autumn-style Slow Cooker Recipes for you to try out and see what the girls think. You can all fill your bowls and come back for seconds during the night.

The cold weather is creeping in, meaning we'll be wanting to keep ourselves full and warm to survive the next few winter months. And if you're worried about comfort eating, you'll be burning off all of those calories in no time on your fresh autumn walks and shopping trips for comfy clothes/girls night decor, remember!

Three women sat on a brown sofa in a brightly lit living room, sharing popcorn and drinking white wine.

Autumn starts here: from us to you

We hope you've now got what you need to plan your perfect autumn girls night. You deserve to treat yourselves and certainly get some catching up done from this time last year!

Stay safe, happy and warm this autumn from everyone here at Swan.

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