Mollie Quirk Loves Our Swan Retro Pump Espresso Coffee Machine
green sage retro pump espresso machine

Mollie’s blog: “I missed coffee shops but now I don’t”

Before the pandemic hit, I was an avid coffee-shop attendee. Coffee shop coffee is incomparable to the ‘fresh out of the jar coffee’ that you get from the supermarket and stir into your mug with hot water. Freshly ground coffee and frothy heated milk just hits different. There’s something about the smell, the aroma, the taste – the way it’s bitter but smooth, the way it’s hot and frothy, and the way it envelopes your senses and tastebuds.

Last September, I upgraded my French press to a beautiful number from Oliver Bonas, but even a French press doesn’t always do ground coffee justice. Although a million times better than coffee granules from a jar, it’s just not the same. But then a couple of weeks ago, Swan kindly sent me a PR bundle (AD-gifted). Within the bundle was their beautiful Espresso Machine in Sage Green. I’d always wanted a coffee machine… for as long as I can remember in-fact, so after almost an entire year to the day of drinking supermarket coffee, the thought of a freshly ground, freshly brewed coffee was welcomed… warmly.

green sage retro pump espresso machine next to our retro cream jug kettle

“This first coffee I made with this machine was heavenly”

Now I have an Espresso Machine, I can get the coffee shop feeling at home in an instant. The first coffee I made with this machine was heavenly. I hadn’t had a proper coffee since March 4th 2020 – the last day I ventured out properly and into a coffee shop.. long before mask-wearing, social-distancing and multiple lockdowns. The last coffee I had in a coffee shop was at Gail’s Bakery in South West London. I can remember my hands sore as I picked up my mug – sore from the copious amounts of hand sanitiser and anti-bac wipes. But I remember the coffee was delicious, albeit slightly lukewarm. So as you can imagine, being able to brew my own coffee after an entire year of not having my usual coffee shop stops, I was in heaven when I made my very first latte, sat down and took my first sip.

I had no experience with coffee machines like this prior to receiving this, so I ensured I read through the instruction manual carefully. It takes a few attempts – especially as I’m just used to either stirring granules into a mug at home, or sitting pretty in a coffee shop until the barista brings me my latte – but once you get the hang of using the Espresso machine, it’s super easy (and you get quicker with each use).

Although a relaxing process, using the machine isn’t a quick job – even less so if you’re making more than one cup – but I’d say this isn’t really a negative, not unless frothy coffees are all you drink in a day (I’m not judging you)…

Close up of Mollie Quirks using our Retro Pump Espresso Coffee Machine to froth a jug of milk

“Make everything from lattes to cappuccinos, espressos to mochas”

I’ve used this beauty of a machine to make everything from lattes to cappuccinos, espressos to mochas – it’s great for making a vast amount of different hot drinks and I really do rate this machine highly. I thought it would be much more difficult to use than it actually is – in fact, I was incredibly overwhelmed by the buttons and knobs but after getting used to it, it’s really not daunting at all (in fact, it’s super straightforward).

Mollie Quirks hand resting on two mugs of cappuccino made with our Retro Pump Espresso Coffee Machine resting on a black marble countertop

The Swan Retro Espresso Machine is such a wonderful addition to my kitchen. I’m really excited to learn more about it as the weeks and months go on, as I am sure your skills expand with every coffee made. Hopefully, I’ll be able to master latte art in the coming months.. I’ll no doubt keep you in the loop via my blog and social media channels.

For just £99.99 directly from Swan, the Swan Retro Pump Espresso Machine is a brilliant investment item, especially if you’re obsessed with coffee and miss the taste of barista quality lattes and cappuccinos.

Photograph of Mollies kitchen corner

I can now rise on a Sunday morning at 10am if I like.. head out into my kitchen, barefoot and wrapped in a robe and switch on the espresso machine, before flinging open the windows to get that authentic “I’m sat outside of a coffee shop” vibe. I can make my latte, mocha or whatever I fancy before sitting at my table or on my balcony… I can take a sip, inhale the crisp air, the warm steam, the aroma of freshly brewed espresso “ahhhh, bliss…..”

We loved reading this blog and seeing these beautiful images too. Thank you so much for sharing with us Mollie! This article first appeared on Mollie’s blog, check it out here.