5 Surprising Uses for Garment Steamers
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5 Surprising Uses for Garment Steamers

The most well-known use for a Garment Steamer is to eliminate wrinkles and creases from clothing and other fabric items. However, we're here to tell you that our Swan Garment Steamers come in use for much more than that!

27 September 2021

The most well-known use for a Garment Steamer is to eliminate wrinkles and creases from clothing and other fabric items. However, we're here to tell you that our Swan Garment Steamers come in use for much more than that!

While Garment Steamers are a convenient way to keep your wardrobe items fresh and wrinkle-free, they can also benefit you in many other ways. We can confirm that a Garment Steamer is for more than avoiding the ironing pile with – you know who you are!

Ready for that fresh new feeling!?

2021 is coming up all things fresh and regenerated! Keeping loved items revitalized and full of life is where a Swan Garment Steamer comes into play, with much more than just clothing. Many unheard-of surfaces can benefit from the endless energy provided by our steamers.

The video below shows hacks that are fun and easy, especially when using the Swan Handheld Garment Steamer or the Swan Portable Garment Steamer.

1. Get ready for a night's sleep like no other

Dream your way into a blissful night's sleep after using your Garment Steamer to refresh your nighttime space. For a replenishing, deep, and healthy clean, strip off those bedsheets, get things steamy, and steam that lifeless mattress back to life! Use it to improve your sleep and drift off with ease.

Treat yourself with the Swan Portable Garment Steamer and its continuous lock trigger steam feature to refresh any neglected areas of the mattress. The steam works as a deodorizer whilst disposing of any bacteria and germs that have made themselves at home under the covers!

The steamer is a life hack in itself. The steam does most of the work so that you can casually stand back and watch the replenishing commence. We advise not to allow the mattress to get too damp as you don't want the moisture to lock itself in too deeply. Put on some fresh sheets afterwards, and there you have it: a blissful sleep-filled night. Cosy and snug like a bug in a rug!

A retro freezer with frozen pizza, ice cream and chips inside the draws.

2. Defrost your freezer

We all know our freezers work endlessly to provide a cool environment that keeps food fresher for longer! But sometimes, the habitat made for our frozen food can, unfortunately, get too cold and cause an icy buildup.

When the time comes where we know we have to give our refrigerator a quick reboot by defrosting it, the icy buildup is what we dread the most. Defrosting our freezers often feels like a big task, but this easy option means we can get rid of that dread and discover a life-changing life hack!

A white/wood effect kitchen with a fridge opened to reveal fruit and veg.

Your garment steamer will make light work of this dreaded chore and leave you feeling like a boss. You'll need towels to gather and soak up the melt-off residue and maybe a container of some kind for the solid bits of ice that fall from inside your freezer. Then have your steamer to hand, and you're ready to roll, full steam ahead! Please take care and every precaution necessary whilst using an electrical appliance around ice and water.

You can also use your steamer on your fridge as well as your freezer. A Swan Garment Steamer can help lift off those food stains and random spills lurking around in your fridge corners!

3. Give your soft toys a rejuvenating spa experience

Lots of us have soft cuddly toys in our homes. To help them live their best lives, we must take good care of them.

There's nothing sweeter than seeing children (or adults, no shame) who've found themselves inseparable from their cuddly toys. While a fluffy friend is a lovely thought, the germs they may carry over time can be concerning. Our four-legged friends are also guilty of having soft cuddly toys. And they can be mischievous with where they hide their toys, from under the sofas to muddy gardens.

With a Swan Garment Steamer, you can carefully steam out germs and bed bugs lurking within the material. This gentle steam applicator is much kinder to the cuddly toys than the scary washing machine. The garment steamer can lift any signs of life and give those soft materials some TLC. This way, their little friends can stay fresher for much longer.

4. Sanitise hard surfaces around the home

Another use for your Garment Steamer is for the hard surfaces around your home. These surfaces are typically the easiest to sanitise on the surface but it can be difficult to get into any hard-to-reach areas. Thanks to its powerful steam action, the Swan Handheld Garment Steamer can get into the nooks and crannies that you might struggle to reach with a sponge or cloth.

Indoors? You can freshen your windows, your mirrors, and your bathroom surfaces! For mirrors and windows, the Garment Steamer leaves a glossy shine finish instead of streaks or smudges. The steamer can successfully blast away the dirt, dust, and residue from all of your glass surfaces.

It's possible that you already clean your bathroom like a trooper, but for anybody, washing away long-lasting bacteria, mould, and odours can be a chore. By using the steamer, you'll save time as well as scrubbing efforts, and your tiles will sparkle. The steamer will target all areas, leaving them disinfected and refreshed. Your bathroom surfaces will look brand new after a thorough steam session: get into those problem areas and steam away those germs!

Outdoors? The interior of your car will benefit plenty from a steam freshen-up. The steamer will make light work of your vehicle's hard surfaces. The steamer allows you to dig deep and lift any dust, germs, and bacteria from those hard-to-reach places in your car interior. Save yourself the hard work and steam away with ease.

Black and white garment steamer on a desk with grey curtains, bedding and cushions in the background.

5. Sanitise soft surfaces around the home

With a Swan Garment Steamer, you can refresh your sofa, curtains, bedding, and even the inside of your handbag. The steamer can help to lift spill stains on sofas, remove germs from inside pockets and bags, as well as rejuvenate your curtains.

The steamer can refresh so many areas you'd never have thought of around your home. Items such as handbags, rucksacks and jacket pockets can be where germs and dust may build up. These places collect dirt from receipts, make-up, mobile phones, purses, and general use. Think about it, and then get steaming!

Here's our very own Swan family member Lynsey Queen of Clean showing off her favourite uses for the Swan Garment Steamer.

The Swan Garment Steamer is essentially a lifesaver for replenishing and sanitising all kinds of surfaces around our homes. We hope you're now steaming away all of those germs from those suspect areas and showing the neighbours how it's done!

We want to do everything we can to make your life easier. Remember, the Swan team are always here to help.

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