There are simple steps to refuse single use plastics and inefficient appliances in order to live more sustainably within the home.


Swan Dirtmaster Crossover All-in-One Hard Floor CleanerCleaning
When it comes to cleaning, many of Swan’s products are multi-purpose so that you don’t have to buy more than what you need. Therefore, reducing the need for multiple single-use items and decreasing overall consumption and waste. Swan’s Crossover All-in-One is a multi-purpose solution, which has been specifically designed to clean hard-floors and vacuum them at the same time.








Swan Slow CookerCooking
You can also look to refuse inefficient appliances. Faulty or low-quality products often consume excessive energy, harming the ecosystem. Opting for high-performing appliances like Air Fryers or Slow Cookers, which are significantly more energy-efficient, is an excellent way to decrease power consumption during everyday cooking tasks.