There are multiple ways that you are able to reduce energy consumption, food waste and also product waste, to become more sustainable at home. Here we'll look at multiple tips and tricks for reducing simple things, such as reducing carbon emissions, heating costs and more.



Bean to Cup, Coffee to Go Machine

Coffee Machines

By simply switching from your morning coffee shop go to, you can reduce the amount of paper cups you use.


With the Bean to Cup, Coffee to Go Machine it comes included with a reusable cup and produces minimal waste, allowing you to drink on the go, whenever you need and simply wash the cup and re-use every morning.


On average, the UK has thrown away 260 million individual coffee pods. Whereas Bean to Cup Machines help cut down the amount of waste because you're only using the amount of water and coffee required for each cup. No more pods required.




Swan 3.5L Nordic Slow Cooker

Slow Cookers

Using a Slow Cooker in comparison to a conventional oven is a great way to help reduce your in-home energy consumption. Our Nordic 3.5L Slow Cooker costs only 6p per hour to run, meaning you can save up to 93% on energy vs a conventional oven


As well as being a great time saver, you can also reduce food waste by creating delicious Slow Cooker recipes with left-over food in the fridge such as vegetables, to create a delicious stew, casserole, chilli and many more.





Plug In Fan Heater

Plug In Heaters

Plug in Heaters are another great way to help reduce your in-home energy consumption. To save heating your whole house with central heating, you can use the Swan Plug in Heater to just heat up the room you are using. Costing only 21p per hour to run, this heater is the perfect cost-effective alternative to heating rooms in your home.  






Swan Stealth Manual Air Fryer Air-Fryers

Air-fryers are a great hack for reducing the amount of oil being consumed when cooking, by simply using a oil cooking spray on your chosen dish. This means they also produce less waste as they don't require the use of disposable frying oils or other potentially harmful chemicals once used, making them much either to clean. 


Did you know, that you could save up to £260 per year vs a conventional oven by using an Air Fryer? Air Fryers cook food up to 30% quicker than your average conventional oven, meaning not only are your cooking times reduced, so are your energy bills!







Other ways to reduce your energy

Dehumidifers are the most popular appliance, especially during those cold spells to help to collect moisture in the air to prevent damp and mould. However did you know they also help keep the overall humidity down at an optimal level, perfect for when you're drying laundry indoors and preventing damp. The fan increases air flow and forces moisture out of the clothes faster. On averge they cost only 9p per hour to run. Helping to keep rooms mould and damp-free with a cost-effective running cost.

Heated Airers are another great way as they use lower wattage than heaters and consume less electricty, On average, a typical tumble dryer will use between 2-5kWH per load and can often be the most expensive appliance to run in the home. Using the Swan 3 Tier Heated Airer as an alternative to dry your clothes means that you can save up to 90% on energy vs a tumble dryer, and only costs 9p per hour to run. 

When it comes to microwaves, they are one of the most energy-efficient appliances. Microwaves can cook your meals considerably faster than a conventional oven, costing as little as 7p per hour in comparison to a conventional oven costing up to £1.70 to run every hour, saving up to 90% on energy by making this simple switch of appliance.