We all do our best to recycle food waste, but it's hard to know how to recycle when it comes your every-day home appliances. You can easily give your home a new lease of life, and help do your best for the enviroment all at the same time. Here are some tricks to be as sustainable as possible. 


Swan 1.7L Nordic Style Cordless Kettle Packaging
Product Packaging 
Please recycle any Swan packaging you receive from products you purchase from us. Consider making the most out of your local recycling centre, by flattening your cardboard (boxes and internal packaging) and separating out any of the plastics to avoid waste piling up in the landfill. You can even create your own recycling area in the home. Whether it’s the garden or garage, having your own station will make recycling far quicker and easier.


Recycling your appliances
Did you know, as well as recycling standard paper/ plastic packaging, you can also recycle your old appliances free of charge at any WEEE recycling centre established by local authorities. Be sure to check for the nearest WEEE recycling centre to you.