Repurposing items in the home is a great way to bring a new lease of life to an older product, that you no longer need or have since upgraded.


Swan Nordic Oval Bread Bin with Cutting Board Lid

Chopping Boards

Repurpose your old chopping board as a tablet/phone holder or cookbook stand when you are creating your favourite meals. 







Swan Nordic Set of 3 Storage CanistersCannisters
When your kitchen is due for an upgrade, repurpose your old canisters as pantry organisers to help aid storing your cupboard essentials – such as rice and pasta.







Swan Gatsby Mug Tree

Mug Trees

Need a way to keep your jewellery organised and detangled? Drape your necklaces, rings and bracelets over a repurposed mug tree for an easy storage solution. Fancy adding a bit of decoration to a room in your house, or something different for your office desk? Simply add some small pegs to the mug tree and you can turn it into a photo display for showcasing your favourite polaroids/memories!