World Food Day 2021- Our Top 5 Recipes

Dr. Pal Romany, former Hungarian Minister of Agriculture and Food, proposed World Food Day in November 1979. It is observed by more than 150 nations worldwide. Every year, the authorities come up with a new subject for World Food Day, which revolves around farming, food, and investments to boost food production.

In honour of the special day, we have decided to highlight 5 of our favourite Big Family recipes for you to FEAST your eyes on and maybe even try yourself!

World Food Day 2021

Veronica’s Top Picks: Jam Sandwich Biscuits

With World Food day fast approaching, it's pretty safe to say that something sweet will be on the menu. This combination of the scrumptious, thick biscuit and the sweet fruity jam is one of our favourite delights. These biscuits are perfect for any tea party, yet they are just a little more effort than a simple jam drop. They are tender and jam-filled and are especially loved by kids. Moreover, the ruby red of the jam contrasts well with the crispy crust, and the sweetness of the biscuit’s pairs well with a strong black coffee. A perfect taste always comes with the correct measurements, so do not forget to use a measurement scale.

Jam sandwich biscuits are simple to prepare and customized with any flavour of jam and any cookie moulds. A secret of baking is a “better blending” that you can get with a stand mixer. The filling in this dish is often strawberry or raspberry jam, although you may use a variety of spreads. Cream sandwich biscuits with a coat of thick buttercream in the core just makes them heavenly to your taste buds.

These jam biscuits when kept nicely in an airtight container can be enjoyed for 2-3 weeks. They are an excellent alternative to jam thumbprint cookies or simply regular cookies.

A Cheesy And Mouth-Watering Halloumi Fries Recipe

The cheesy halloumi fries are an ideal snack for your crispy and cheesy cravings for World Food Day. All you want are several essential ingredients and 15 minutes to create these fries. You do not need a deep fryer to make these cheesy halloumi chips at home; just shallow fry them in a frying pan for an enticing snack.

Because of its delightfully tangy flavour, halloumi is often likened to goat cheese. Most soft cheeses produced with fresh animal milk have a tang to them. However, halloumi's mild, excellent taste comes from the way it is made.

While the nutritional composition of halloumi varies depending on how it is prepared, each serving contains a decent quantity of protein and calcium. The nutrients in a 1-ounce (28-gram) portion of halloumi are as follows: Carbohydrates: 0 grams Calories: 110, 7 grams of protein, 9 grams of fat, 25% of the Daily Value for Calcium (DV), and Sodium: 15% of the daily value.

Dad The Dishes Garlic Butter Chicken Wings

Are you a finger food fan? then this is your go-to snack. These chicken wings are very easy to prepare and roast to perfection. It is best to oven fry for 15 minutes on one side with just a pinch of salt and pepper. Don't forget to flip them and cook for another 20 minutes on the other side. Glaze them with butter and broil them to perfection in the final 4-5 minutes—a simple yet tasty chicken wing recipe. The flavour is somewhat sweet and buttery, and you will undoubtedly like it. To make it to perfection, always use a Gas Burner BBQ.

Garlic butter chicken wings are baked with sprinkles of garlic with a hint of butter splash. Garlic butter chicken wings are baked until a crispy perfection is achieved, it's a simple, lip-smacking treat. Moreover, it is perfect for supper, lunch, or finger food. Hints of garlic and butter make them tender and more delicious.

These 'Butter Chicken Wings' take the wing game to the next level for World Food Day this year. Nutritional Information (For Butter Chicken Wings) 226 Net Calories 1 gram of carbohydrates, 1 gram of carbohydrates, 12 g fat, 25 g protein, and 0g fibre

Our Fool proof Mirror Glaze Recipe And Guides For Impressive Cakes

This recipe is especially for our sweet-tooth audience. Cake glazes are a famous cake decorating technique. Glaze may be added to the cake via dripping or pouring. The consistency of the glaze may determine the method in which the cake glazing is done. Powdered sugar and chocolate sauce are the main ingredients in preparing a perfect glaze.

Mirror cake glaze is a gleaming cake prepared by spreading a delectable chocolate sugar glaze with gelatine over a frozen entremets cake. To create the frozen cake, you may use several colours and shaped moulds, and a hand blender.

Sweetened condensed milk, a little chocolate, water, gelatine, and sometimes flavourings and colours are needed to create this enticing recipe. Because of the gelatine, the mirror glaze sets but is not rigid. It is a tricky situation. Mirror glazing has a pleasant flavour. It is sweet but not too so, and the tastes compliment the cake and fillings well. Putting gelatine on the cake may seem odd, but it tastes fantastic. A great treat to enjoy on World Food Day The nutritional fact of glazed chocolate is the combination of 38% fat, 61% carbohydrate, and 1% protein.

An Authentic Indian Dhansak Curry Recipe To Try At Home

Indian recipes are known to be a blast of flavours, and so is this one. Dhansak is a famous Indian dish that carries its authenticity from the Parsi Zoroastrians. A perfect dish to enjoy on World Food Day. It is a blend of Persian and Gujarati culinary influences. Dhansak is prepared by combining several types of meat with lentils and veggies, cooked in a slow cooker. Caramelized white rice, rice cooked in water with entire spices and caramelized onions, is served alongside. Dhansak is a dish consisting of dal cooked with mutton and vegetables and served over with fibrous brown rice. To make a perfect balance of spices and flavours, always use different measuring spoons.

"Dhan" is a Gujarati cereal meal, and "Sak" is borrowed from Gujarati "shaak," which means cooked vegetables or vegetable greens. Compared to the milder Iranian dishes, the Gujarati aspect of the recipe is the liberal use of a range of Indian spices and seasonings. This high-protein chicken dhansak curry with lentils is a great way to warm yourself on a cold weeknight. This meal has a GI of 50, is rich in protein, is low GI, and offers 457 kcal per piece.