TikTok Hack Explaining How To Avoid Washing Up Leaves People Divided

A bizarre TikTok trend has shown people an, erm, interesting way to avoid washing up.

If you’re not fortunate enough to have a dishwasher, then cleaning your plates after dinner is a chore which you probably dislike.

While some people are disciplined enough just to get on with it, others will put off washing up - leading to their worktops being covered in piles of dirty dishes and cutlery.

However, some people have come up with a bizarre hack to avoid cleaning up.

The advice shared on TikTok is being called the Messy Dinner trend and it shows a mum - under the account handle @the3holmboys - tipping a whole saucepan of spag bol onto a table covered in cling film.

Her family then proceed to eat the food straight off the table with a knife and fork.

The kids seem to enjoy the novelty of eating the food off something other than a plate.

Although, her husband does seem less impressed.

The advice involves tipping a whole saucepan of spag bol onto a table covered in cling film.

The viral video has been viewed 20.5 million times and people have reacted to the trend on in the comments.

One person writes: “Honestly this is perfect for that night you just did all the dishes. Gonna try it.”

Another viewer adds: “Great idea but feel like I could eat the portion size on my own.”

A third person suggests: “That's amazing but instead of forks just wear gloves and use your hands.”

Someone else pens: “This looks like fun! And super easy to clean up, no messes or dishes to worry about. Win-win in my book!”

A fifth says: “Great idea. Make it fun and enjoy family time. They will remember this for sure. Well done you.”

“I mean it gets everywhere anyway so why not,” jokes another viewer.

However, not everyone was impressed with the idea.

Someone explains: “Nahh not for me, forks going in peoples mouths back into the food, swift pass from me.”

Another person suggests: “This should be illegal, honestly.”

While a third viewer comments: “So many children germs after a child touches my food I won't eat it. They never wash their hands.”

Despite the backlash, the TikToker clarified that she does mostly serve food on plates - which is why her children were so excited, adding that they ‘absolutely loved’ their messy dinner.

If you plan on doing it yourself, just ensure that you use heatproof cling film - or tin foil - so the food doesn’t burn through.