The Newest Member of the McDonald's Family

McDonald's is adding a new, permanent member to their McFamily - and it may surprise you.

McDonald's are adding a permanent chicken burger to the menu for the first time in 15 years. You're probably thinking it's the Chicken Big Mac, which they trialed earlier this year, but this is set to be different and has already won the hearts of many famous faces.

Made with 100 per cent chicken breast fillet and marinated in black pepper and cayenne, McDonald's sure knows how to get those mouths watering and excited for a new addition to the menu - which they frequently change to keep us on our toes and our taste buds tingling. Cushioned in a four-inch glazed bun with a sweet but nutty toasted flavour, we can't wait to wrap our hands around this bad boy.

(Image: McDonald's)

This newest member of the McFamily will be the McCrispy. The McCrispy is apparently game-changing and quoted as being the 'crispiest, crunchiest chicken burger'. Set to hit stores from 11am on Wednesday 19th October, this tasty delight is staying on the McDonald's menu for good.

And if that's not enough to get you excited, viewers will see famous faces showing their love for the McCrispy on TV. Maya Jama, Leigh Francis, Michael Dapaah, and Elz the Witch are all featuring in the McDonald's TV ad which is the first one in months.

(Image: McDonald's)

The McCrispy had a successful trial in a select few Midlands stores (big up the mighty Midlands) and will cost £6.49 for an extra-value meal - complete with a side and a drink.

Set your alarms for next Wednesday, as McDonald's is launching this permanent addition to its menu, and enjoy the taste of the new McCrispy just like its famous fans.