The Doctor Returns
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The Doctor Returns

A surprise return for Doctor Who fans...

24 October 2022

Doctor Who fans were shocked last night to see the reincarnation of Doctor Who in that epic regeneration twist. Jodie Whittaker ended her role as the 13th Time Lord on top of a cliff in an idyllic setting that saw the popular return of the tenth doctor.

David Tennant returned to Doctor Who last night

Ending the 90-minute special last night for the BBC centenary special, David Tennant graced our screens when he regenerated as the 14th incarnation of Doctor Who. The BBC confirmed that Tennant will be back for three special episodes set to air in November 2023 along with Catherine Tate reprising her role as his former companion, Donna Noble.

David Tenant as the tenth doctor in 2005 - David Tenant returning last night in The Power of the Doctor

Ncuti Gatwa will then take the reigns of the Tardis as the 15th Doctor, with his first episode due to air December 2023.

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