Swan's Christmas TV Top Picks

The Christmas season is upon us and we can’t help but feel spoilt for choice with TV nowadays. So, to give you some ideas and to get you in the mood for a duvet/pyjama day, here are Swan’s Marketing Team’s Christmas TV Top Picks!

Colour image of Holly, Senior Marketing Executive at Swan Brand UK

Holly’s TV Top Picks

Favourite TV show?

It’s quite difficult to choose just one favourite TV show, but this particular show, in general, has sat close to my heart since childhood. The Simpsons is educational, motivating, hilarious, and beyond relatable. And, no matter what chaos happens to my favourite yellow family, everything returns to normal at the end of each 24-minute episode. Lisa shows a brave nature, while Bart and Maggie are mischievous. Marge keeps everything together and Homer simply wants a chore-free, doughnut-filled life, don’t we all!

Favourite Film?

Well, this is a tough one! I love laughing, so naturally, I warm to light-hearted comedies before any other genre. And there are A LOT of comedies out there. Generally, I’d say it would have to be between Superbad, The Boat That Rocked and Mean Girls. They’re all absolute classics!

Favourite Christmas TV pick?

I’m not much of a Christmas-lover, but The Holiday has me looking forward to the season every year. And the Gavin and Stacey Christmas episodes are unbeatable, providing cosy, heart-warming smiles all around!

Colour headshot of Emma, Marketing Executive of Swan Brand UK

Emma’s TV Top Picks

Favourite TV show?

At the moment I’m really enjoying watching Friends. With all the work we have been doing during Black Friday I’ve loved re-watching it. I started watching it halfway through season 6 but I’m loving it!

Favourite Film?

I love a musical and I’m obsessed with ABBA. I’ve even seen the show! So, for me, it’s Mama Mia - 1st & 2nd. If I had to pick the 1st one is my fave - I love how they use the music to tell the story.

Favourite Christmas TV pick?

This is an easy one, I love a rom-com, I love romantic films. 100% The Holiday, one of the best films ever made, it makes me feel so cosy. I love putting the Christmas tree up, getting all the candles on and watching it. It’s such a classic!

Colour image of Meda, Marketing Executive at Swan Brand UK

Meda’s TV Top Picks

Favourite tv show?

F.R.I.E.N.D.S! Friends is definitely one of those series that you can watch over and over again. My favourite characters have got to be chandler and phoebe!

Favourite Film?

The Notebook. I could watch this film a thousand times and never get bored of it! The ending gets me every time. If you haven’t watched it, you need too.

Favourite Christmas film?

Elf. I absolutely love this film, I watch it every year and it’s just a classic! Who doesn’t love Elf?

Colour image of Jade, Marketing Executive at Swan Brand UK

Jade’s TV Top Picks

Favourite TV show?

This is easy! My favourite TV show of all time has to be ‘This Is Us’. This is hands down the best TV show I’ve ever seen. It has the power to make you laugh, cry and feel all sorts of emotions in just one show that dives deep into real-life issues. I’ve recommended this show to many people and it’s yet to disappoint. This show will make you laugh and cry, but also feel warm inside.

Favourite Film?

I don’t have a favourite film but I quite enjoy horror films, so my answer would have to be The Conjuring films!

Favourite Christmas Film?

It has to be ‘The Holiday’. Who doesn’t love a good rom-com - better yet - a Christmas Rom-Com! It’s such a classic and it’s great seeing both British and American cultures in one. I watch this every year, and will certainly be snuggling up on the sofa in front of the tree lights watching it again this Christmas.

Colour image of Beth Copestick, Marketing Executive at Swan Brand.

Beth’s Top Picks

Fave TV show?

Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl is one of those series that I could watch over and over again, I just love it! Who doesn’t want to be Blair Waldorf, right?

Fave Film?

The Devil Wears Prada. Meryl Streep, I say no more! I could probably recite the whole of this film haha, I love it.

Fave Christmas film?

Christmas with the Kranks. I love how this film has the perfect mix of Christmas comedy as well as capturing the true meaning of the festive season at the same time.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know Swan’s Marketing Team and their Top TV picks! We hope we’ve given you some good ideas as to what to watch over the Christmas holiday season.

Now it's your turn!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know Swan’s Marketing Team and their Christmas TV Top picks! We hope we’ve given you some good ideas as to what to watch over the Christmas holiday season! Sit back and relax, just like you deserve.