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Outside Spaces: Top Trends For 2021

In April 2020, we had no idea what was about to happen to the rest of our year. We never imagined we’d be going through what we’ve been through, and without a single moment to prepare. We’ve struggled through rough times, boring times and lazy times. However, there are definitely a few positives to have come out of the unforeseen; we’ve really been able to appreciate our outside spaces and had the time to understand our personal outside areas.

12 April 2021

These outside spaces have been essential to our new way of living and we’ve learnt that there’s so much more to love about our outdoors than we knew beforehand. The fresh air, the sunshine, the exercise and nature; all of these things are proven to boost our moods and have lifted us when we’ve needed it most!

Photograph of young child cleaning a stone driveway with a wooden brush

Outside spaces are the most underrated spaces

The pandemic started and soon after that, we had escalated into months of zoom meetings and home renovations. We believe the most underrated space to come out of 2020 has been our gardens. The one place we can get fresh air and daylight while staying safe in our own little comfort zones.

Our homes and gardens quickly became our sanctuaries during the first few months of the pandemic. Changes to our interior/exterior design layouts have become so tempting with all of the extra phone-scrolling time we have had. Just think how many of us have given in to online treats waiting at the end of our fingertips! Home renovations hit their all-time high regarding popularity while we created our cosy safe spaces. We’ve had no choice but to spend the last twelve months on walks, food shopping or at home. So, what else could we do but renovate?

Photograph of a comfy faux wicker chair positioned next to a potted bamboo plant on a wooden window balcony

All of that time spent at home gave us the inspiration to get a move on and get creative with whatever spaces we had! Small gardens, large gardens, grass gardens, patio gardens, whatever gardens; that’s where we spent our lockdowns once the sun came out.

Little to mention these were tough times and we deserved a treat!

We should be really proud of ourselves for what we’ve accomplished in the last twelve months. We’ve figured out and adapted to a whole new lifestyle! It’s not been easy but we can begin to look back and feel comfort in how much we’ve overcome. It’s now about time we were all rewarded with a beautiful 2021 summer to relax and enjoy ourselves.

Photograph of the Carson 4 Seater Sofa Set-from-Wayfair-on-a-stoned-patio

Outdoor renovation trends

We’ve seen so many beautiful projects across the age of the pandemic; expressive garden ideas and complete outdoor renovations. We’ve seen plenty of fresh whites and light oak woods which help to brighten up your space and create a larger looking area. We’ve seen more and more fabric outdoor furniture which indicates that our gardens have become another ‘room’ of the house for us to spend time in.

We’ve seen a large number of simplistic designs displayed in outside spaces recently, making the focus more on small details and light, summery colours. Fresh and minimal layouts are allowing you to get more for less!

While another one of the biggest garden trends we’ve seen this year has been the enhancement of nature; it has truly been embraced wherever possible. We’ve seen a huge rise in indoor and outdoor plants in design layouts everywhere!

We love this Carson 4-Seater Sofa Set from Wayfair!

Photograph of a large plant in a basket surrounding by outdoor furniture


Plant pots and creations have been a huge movement across our smaller spaces, for those of you who have balconies; this is a game changer! For people who don’t have access to big parks or large areas of greenery close to their home, outdoor plants have soothed us in taking over our spaces. Bringing the greenery to you in your own outdoor area however big or small.

Photograph of the Argos Garden Swing Chair in an open door conservatory space next to some wicker furniture and a dark blue sofa

Quirky furniture

Quirky furniture doesn’t have to be a big statement, it can be small additions to recreate the space you have available. Also, for balconies, there’s usually less need to hide away from our unpredictable British weather, although it is always a plus when your furniture is weather-proof! From hanging baskets to hanging chairs; these cheeky design pieces can truly rock your world!

You, a cuppa and this Argos Garden Swing Chair. Heaven!

Photograph of a window styled mirror above a couch in a living room


If it is a bigger looking space, you’re after; a mirror can make a world of difference to your space, indoor and out. A new craze is the ‘Mirrow’; this is a mirror that is shaped and displayed a lot like a window to make a room or area appear bigger and brighter. We love this idea to create the space you never thought you could have!

Who’s the brightest of them all? It’s got to be this Habitat Window Pane Mirror from Argos!

Photograph of a tiled garden path

Split levels

Split levels are another garden craze we’ve noticed! Having a range of levels in our outside areas isn’t something we all have, but it’s something we could all benefit from. The different height variations provide a separation of segments in an outside area. This can essentially mean three gardens in one! This can really get your creative juices flowing; from families of plant pots to wooden decking accompanied by rugs and furniture! The possibilities really are endless in a garden with split levels.

Photograph of an outdoor furniture set with a stone based fire

Bright colours

Another vibe is using bright colours in your outside layouts; helping to make outdoor spaces look welcoming even on a cloudy day! Blues and greens help to boost a positive atmosphere, especially when partnered with other earth tones, which create a safe surrounding aroma. Outside spaces should be your literal breath of fresh air at the start, middle or end of your day. Your home life should be calm and comfortable in order to help you re-calibrate from the day’s events.

This is your space and it’s free for you to experiment with! Enjoy and immerse yourself in an outside space you can be proud of. Check out Swan’s Al Fresco range, the perfect addition to any outside space.

Make it yours!

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