<strong>Pancake Cereal Is The New Delicious Breakfast Trend That You Absolutely Need To Try</strong>

Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) might be the one day a year that is universally loved all across the world.

The tradition of eating as many pancakes as you want is something to look forward to and people like to experiment with creative recipes.

Some people like bananas on their pancakes, others like lemons and sugar in their pancakes, while another popular choice is chocolate spread.

There are also ‘experimental’ choices too, such as coconut cream, spiced pumpkin, and a cinnamon rolls inspired dish.

However, there is one trend on social media that is making people's mouth water.

Shared by The Naughty Fork on Instagram, she has introduced her followers to the idea of pancake cereal - if you ever wanted to make your breakfast that little more sweet and indulgent.

This trend makes it more than acceptable to eat an entire bowl full of mini pancakes, drowned in whatever topping you fancy - no matter how bizarre it could be.

Pancake cereal
There is one trend on social media that is making people's mouth water.

This scrumptious idea is made up of small pancakes, fried in butter and served in a bowl with any topping you like.

The influencer shares how you can make your own bowl of pancake cereal.

You mix your batter up as normal, before putting it in a hot pan in the shape of tiny circles.

Make sure that one side is cooked, before adding some butter and flipping the pancake over so the other side can cook too.

Once they've been cooked, they will be good to eat, so chuck them into a cereal bowl and put whatever topping you like.

Chocolate, bacon, and syrup are all fan favourites that would go with this delicious breakfast.

It seems that many people have thanked the social media influencer for introducing them to this recipe.

One person comments: "Gosh, never seen that before .. yummmm."

Someone else said: "Omg now these might be the best pancakes ever."

"Omg I just tried making them!! Definitely didn’t go this smoothly... but delish," adds a third.

Another user comments: "Omfg this is me just dying with joy all pancakes no milk."

A fifth person said: "I made these today!!! They were sooo good. A lot of work but fun to do."

Someone else adds: “Bitesize pancakes are the best idea ever.”

People have also been sharing their own variations of the recipe.

One person added peanut butter and cocoa powder to their pancake batter to make an appetising nutty chocolate version.

Another person covered their pancakes in syrup and milk.

While The Naughty Fork shared another version of their recipe, which included the bowl being drowned in M&Ms.

Other people shared examples that included marshmallows and chocolate chips.

The options for pancake cereal are truly endless, which is probably why pancakes are so popular.

If you can not wait until pancake day, this recipe could be the perfect breakfast to make up for it.

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