Mother's Day Gift Guide Ideas for 2022
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Mother's Day Gift Guide Ideas for 2022

Mother's Day (27th of March) is just around the corner, so we're guiding you through some beautiful gift ideas for all of the mums out there who deserve some indulgence!

16 March 2022

One of our favourite days is on its way to us, and we couldn't help but prepare you for some beautiful memories and gift ideas. Mother's Day (27th of March) is just around the corner, and we know there are mums everywhere that deserve to be pampered, celebrated and looked after in style!

Here, we have gift ideas and memories to make, ensuring a perfect day for your Mothers to enjoy. It's time to let mother figures across the UK indulge in presents, lunch dates and pamper sessions. All while putting their feet up!

Afternoon Tea with Champagne for 2

Red Letter Days offer experiences from Driving Ferraris to Bungee Jumping. An Adventure day that's a little more suited to Mother's Day is the Afternoon Tea with Champagne for Two in The Domes at London Secret Garden Kensington. One thing's for sure. This experience will be a lunch date like no other!

Imagine your lovely mum with a cosy cuppa or glass of bubbly, living her best life with her favourite company in the world, you! The dome experience lasts for two hours- that's a lot of neatly cut sandwich time! The secret garden is, of course, secluded, so you can both enjoy some privacy and curl up with all of the aesthetically pleasing deserts you desire.

Afternoon tea table place settings with teapots and champagne

Bread Maker Recipes Galore!

A crucial factor to consider on Mother's Day is quality time- there's no better gift! For just £79.99, you and your mum can celebrate Mother's Day and many more special occasions with the Swan Bread Maker. You can create fun memories and delicious home-baked bread for the whole family to enjoy!

With the Swan Bread Maker, you and your mum can make a variety of loaves of bread, including pizza dough, brioche and even cakes and jam! It allows you to bake to your exact requirements and can even make a delicious gluten-free load at the press of a button. The Bread Maker is easy to use, so even if you and your mum are chatting away while following the recipe, the automatic feature allows you to relax and let the Bread Maker do all of the work for you!

Swan bread maker surrounded by different types of bread and pizza
Swan Bread Maker

Calling All Dog Mums

Since 2020's National Lockdowns came into play, many of us have given in to adopting a four-legged friend to make our own. Our additional members of the family are brilliant in so many ways. However, they do come with their fair share of hard work!

Dog parents everywhere have soon found how much of a responsibility becoming a dog mother is. And while so much of it is cuddles and a camera roll full of obsessive cuteness, dog mums deserve to be recognised on Mother's Day for their puppy parent graft!

So, treat a dog mum to this Personalised World's Best Dog Mum Keyring. This gift idea is a wonderfully personal touch for a dog mum to carry around each and every day. It's a thoughtful way to make sure a dog mum knows she's appreciated when her little furry friend doesn't have the words!

Woman hugging her dog in the park

Hug In A Mug Gift Box Care Package

If there's anything we all wish we could do more of, it's hugging the people we love the most. We've learnt that time is precious after the last two years of the Covid19 pandemic, and our friends and family deserve the world. That's why this Hug in a Box Self Care Pamper Gift Box is a beautiful choice of Mother's Day Gifts.

Etsy offers creative and caring gifts for us to present to the people we love the most in the world. This gift includes an eye mask, candles, hot chocolate, coffee, bath salts, marshmallows, a scrunchie, a fluffy headband and bath bombs! The Care Package acts like a big hug and will make your giftee feel loved and treasured like never before!

A windowsill area with candles, books and a cup of tea.

Get Your Mother's Day Brew On

We like to think we know Mums pretty well, and we can't think of one that wouldn't love to sit back with a cup of tea or coffee. Treat your mum this year to a set of Swan Ceramic Mugs. The parcel arrives as a set of two. So, you can both cheers and sip together in comfort knowing you've got matching Swan mugs and a brew to go in it.

And if your mum is a coffee kind of person? Then not to worry! Treat her to a set of Swan Ceramic Espresso Glasses. Their sleek design fits into any kitchen layout, and they just so happen to look idyllic next to our Swan Espresso Machines!

The Key to Helping Mums Unwind

As we've mentioned previously, there are Mothers everywhere just wishing to be able to sit back and relax after many days of hard work. Well, this Oliver Bonas Mama Lavender, Eucalyptus & Ylang Ylang Unwind Set means your mum can relax like they never knew possible.

The set includes a sleep mask for those much-needed, high-quality naps, a rollerball scented with relaxing lavender and a cosy 'mama' mug. Oliver Bonas offer some delightful Mother's Day Gifts, including mugs, cards and humourous games. This set is ideal for new mums who desperately need to unwind and sleep the night away.

A koala sleeping in a tree

This Voucher Entitles Your Mum To Relax!

One Mother's Day gift we cannot get enough of is this Mother's Day Voucher Cards Set. This idea is a unique keepsake for mums everywhere to fall in love with. This present is clever and entitles your mum to live her best life, whenever she may choose!

The Mother's Day vouchers can be cashed in at any time and vary from 'A hot drink in peace' to 'a lie in'. This gift is a popular choice for Mother's Day on Etsy and includes twenty voucher cards for your mum to use for as long as she wants to!

A woman holding a baby smiling

Happy Mother's Day from Swan

We hope our Mother's Day Gift Guide has given you plenty of ideas when it comes to spoiling all of those lovely mums out there! We're wishing you all a beautiful celebration of the day, whatever you end up planning/gifting.

Whether you're a mother, or you're planning gifts, events, lunches or afternoon teas for the mother figure in your life, the only thing that matters is smiles, hugs and that all-essential cup of tea.

A woman holding a child smiling

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