<strong>Imagine being able to make pancakes with just one ingredient. Well, now you can.</strong>

While you might think it’s only possible with the usual eggs, flour and milk - apparently this isn’t the case.

A food account on Instagram has shared the one-ingredient recipe that quite frankly has left people’s minds blown.

They teased the ingredient as 'one that pretty much everyone should have lurking in the back end of a random cupboard' which is 'relatively cheap, and often overlooked'.

So, what is this secret ingredient?

It’s a tin of red lentils. Yes, really.

Lentily Unhinged claims that the recipe is both easy and delicious, saying that it creates the best-looking and best-tasting pancakes ever.

They wrote: "ONE INGREDIENT PANCAKES?! Guys, I’m not being funny but I haven’t had a pancake that tasted so good in years.

“There is quite literally one golden ingredient (two if you count water) and zero faff and it creates the best looking, best-tasting pancakes ever."

Lentily Unhinged claims that the recipe is both easy and delicious

To make the pancakes, simply put the lentils in a blender with a bit of water, blend until smooth, and pour the mixture into a pan like you would a normal pancake batter.

Cook each side for a few minutes, and voila! You have a fluffy, puffy, layer-able mountain of goodness that can be loaded with sugar, lemon, bacon, and sausage if you prefer something more savoury.

Social media users have praised the recipe for its simplicity and unexpectedness.

One user called it ‘very clever and very unexpected to be honest’, while another said: "Wow this looks amazing!!"

Another food blogger, Power Hungry, tried out the one-ingredient recipe and named the creation a ‘red lentil tortilla’.

They wrote: "I am crazy about these tortillas.

“Their flavour is a cross between a corn and a flour tortilla, which tastes delicious and delectable with any topping or filling (savoury or sweet) you can imagine.

"They are tender, too. Despite having no added oil, they are very pliable, so bend, fold or roll them for tacos, wraps, roll-ups, enchiladas and more.

“They are hearty, to boot: these are not crepes posing as tortillas, they pass California and Tex-Mex muster as true tortillas."

She found that the red lentils were high in protein and fibre, and had a flavour that was a cross between a corn and flour tortilla.

Despite having no added oil, they were very pliable and could be used combined with a variety of savoury or sweet toppings.

So, whether you prefer pancakes or tortillas, sweet or savoury, this red lentil pancake recipe is an easy and inexpensive way to enjoy one of the world’s favourite breakfasts.

Why not try something new and whip out a tin of lentils for a delicious and healthy twist on a classic recipe?


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