<strong>How To Clean A BBQ - 4 Ways To Get Your Grill Sparkling</strong>

Us Brits need no excuse for a BBQ with friends and in the, unlikely, event of some sunshine it's the perfect opportunity to dine al fresco. However, after winter, our BBQs have most likely seen better days and could do with a little TLC. Read on for four ways to get your grill back to life using natural methods and products you can find in your kitchen.

1. Clean With An Onion

One of the best ways to get your BBQ grill clean is, believe it or not, using an onion. Due to their acidic nature, they can pick up grease from the bars and remove any bits of food, dirt, or carbon. The water in the onion also steams away any food still stuck on and its natural antibacterial properties are great at removing impurities.

How to: When there is still heat in the grill, attach half a raw onion to the end of a fork and scrub the grill back and forth.

2. Use A Lemon

Similarly to the above hack, you can use a lemon and some salt. Lemons are high in citric acid which is great for cleaning.

How to: Cut a lemon in half and rub it in some salt. Rub it up and down on the grill adding pressure as you go.

3. Ketchup On Rust

Our very own Queen of Clean, Lynsey Crombie, has a savvy cleaning hack using a condiment that you'll most likely have in your fridge or cupboard. If your BBQ has been sat out since last Summer and has started to rust, ketchup is an amazing way to remove rust.

How to: Rub some ketchup into the patch of rust, leave it to sit for 10 minutes (or longer if needed) then wipe it clean.

4. Gleam With White Vinegar

If you're not using white vinegar already then get to know. It's a great alternative to a stainless steel cleaner, as well as disinfecting your kitchen sink and counters.

How to: Use a left-over spray bottle and fill it with half white vinegar and half water. Spray liberally and wait a few minutes to an hour (depending on how deeply it needs cleaning) before wiping off with a clean, dry cloth.

Bonus: BBQ Tool Cleaning

If your BBQ tools have seen better days, try soaking them in coffee. Use boiling water and coffee grains to remove stubborn stains on your utensils (and grill) with the acid in the coffee able to loosen dirt.





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