Get Your Home Sparkling Clean with Victoria, aka House of Holcroft

Welcome to our Spring Edit, part 2! Victoria Holcroft, aka @house_of_holcroft, has picked out her favourite tried and tested Swan products so that you don't have to, along with sharing some of her best tips and tricks to get your home sparkling just like hers.

What Is Your All-Time Favourite Cleaning Tip, Trick or Hack?

Dishwasher tablet and boiling water down the plug without a doubt. I always do this once a week to keep the kitchen sink fresh and to make sure there are no nasties in the pipes.

If You Could Only Use One Cleaning Product for the Rest of Your Life, What Would it Be?

I'm obsessed with glass cleaner. I think I would use glass cleaner on most things, especially one that has white vinegar in it! It's great for glass, obviously, but I also use it on taps and tiles, and even for wiping down dusty countertops.

What Is Your Least Favourite Room/Place in Your House to Clean?

Bathrooms. I absolutely hate cleaning them. There are so many different surfaces to clean and they seem to take the longest and need doing the most frequently! Shower drains and toilets are the worst jobs for me.

Cordless or Corded Vacuum?

This is a dilemma! So, I love a cordless for hard floors and getting around the house quickly, but there's nothing like a corded vacuum on a carpet when you want a really powerful clean.

What Is Your Favourite Cleaning Scent?

French soap! I have a floor cleaner, detergent, and fabric softener in this scent and it just reminds me of holidays and smells super clean.

What Do You Listen to While Cleaning? Music, Podcast etc.

Music! I love listening to music to help motivate me when I'm cleaning! I normally have my Alexa on and like to save playlists for myself! There's nothing like upbeat music to help lift your mood and help you get jobs done! I like typical pop/chart type music and anything you can have a good old sing along to is a bonus.

Cordless Iron or Garment Steamer?

Garment steamer! You can use it for more than just steaming clothes; it's great for curtains and refreshing fabrics too. It's fast and it's really convenient to us too!

What is Your Favourite Swan Product in Your Cleaning Kit?

The crossover is 100% my all time favourite cleaning product from Swan. We have so much hard floor in our home and it makes it so easy to clean up after kids and dogs - it literally cuts my cleaning time in two without compromising on results. I'm blown away every time I use it by how much dirt it picks up! It's particularly good for getting up fine dog hair and leaves my floors squeaky clean and streak-free too.

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